Top 3 Arborist Tools

6 Arborist Tools (By Professionals) That You Must Have

After extensive research on “Top Arborist Tools”  it has come to my attention that if you want to find the top tools used by Arborists today you would have to jump hurdles through articles that are too general, or not credible at all. That is why I decided to compile a list of the top 3 Arborist tools used by actual professional Arborists. A big thanks to Rich Hattier and Norm Hall for taking the time out of their days to give me their opinion on the top 3 tools they (and you!) must have on the job.

Rich Hattier's Top Arborist Tools

Rich Hattier of ISC sounds off on his favorite tools.

Rich Hattier’s Must-Have Arborist Tools

Top Tool #1

ISC RP280 Rope Wrench- This device has completely changed the way I climb allowing for much more efficiency and overall safety in a tree. The fact that I now have consistent friction on my hitch no matter how many re-directs I incorporate means that I will actually use re-directs. Single Rope Work Positioning is the style of climbing that I have always wanted to use in trees, with the Rope Wrench I can now take full advantage of SRWP while using the hitch that I am most comfortable with.

Top Tool #2

Throwline/Throwball/Storage- One of the most useful products on any job to improve efficiency would be my throwball set up.. By avoiding the need to advance my climbing line repeatedly I am saving time, effort, and reducing the number of things that can go wrong while accessing a tree. Coupled with a good SRWP set up I can perform quite a bit of work from the ground up vs. taking the time to advance to the top of the tree first to establish my tie in point.

Top Tool #3

Stihl MS200 chainsaw- Whether for pruning or removals, there is simply NO saw that performs as well as the MS200. The power to weight ratio and sheer dependability of this product are unmatched by any saw.

Answers provided by Rich Hattier – 1 Time Ohio Chapter Tree Climbing Champion, 23 years of production climbing experience –

certified arborist tools

Certified Arborist Norm Hall explains that PPE in general should be a top priority.

Norm Hall’s Must-Have Arborist Tools

Top Tool #4

All PPE. (helmet, safety glasses, hearing protection, chainsaw protective chaps)

Top Tool #5

Work positioning harness. A comfortable harness that is light, durable, gives back support, has leg loops, gear loops, and a rope bridge.

Top Tool #6

A universal handsaw that will double as a pruning saw and a handsaw for smaller tree removals. This handsaw would cut on the pull stroke, have a “tri-cut” edge, have a 13 inch blade and a scabbard that will “lock” it in the scabbard to help prevent it from falling out.

Answers provided by Norm Hall – Certified Arborist and Tree Worker #IL 1060AT, Climber since 1969 –

Conclusion – Takeaways from the pros

Whether you are a certified Arborist or a professional competitive one, the necessities for your most effective work aren’t super complicated. Versatility is king. Both Rich and Norm cited a saw or pruner as one of their top tools purely based on versatility, usability, and the ability to knock out numerous tasks at once. Find your ideal hardware. Rich touts the ISC RP280 Rope Wrench, saying “It has completely changed the way I climb”. The key here is that this specific tool has allowed him to work the way he prefers, Single Rope Work Positioning.

Also remember that safety is everything. Norm cited PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as essential, where Rich mentions Throwline/Throwball/Storage being essential to his efforts in reducing the amount of things that can go wrong. Obviously, your niche will determine the ideal products for you. However, taking into account these 6 recommendations from the pros should help you make the most wise decisions possible when prioritizing your Arborist supplies.

What Arborist tools are must haves for you?

Written by: Lucas Belding

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